My dreams & goals

Sidonia Luyckx my grandmother always said:

“Always make sure that you’ve got enough wishes and dreams to make sure that you can lead a fascinating life !!”

My beloved grandmother died when I was a teenager but these words are printed in my memories like words in marble. She was a special woman who told me stories about life and my family for hours. Every Sunday we went to my grandparents house, my whole family came together to talk and eat. We were a lively gang.
My grandmother had a though life as a farmers wife, she lost 2 of her children and the year before she died she lost her husband my grandfather she loved so much.

My dreams and goals for Långstrump consist of developing a place where personal development and leadership go hand & hand together. A place where you can train, unwind and grow with trial and error!

Short term dreams

long term dreams

One of my short-term wishes / dream is to follow the course “The Daring Way” at Brené Brown. This woman made me realize that vulnerability is a special force. She’s so real and sincere in everything she does, she’s one of my role models. I want to realize this by 2018.

Going back to CWRU is also on my wish list!

My long-term dream is to create a Leadership house. A place where you can go to rest and grow at the same time as human and professional. There will be room for workshops, dialogues with role models, creativity, exchange of thoughts / reflections, etc.
To transform my dream into a goal I set a term of 5 years. By 2020, a wonderful number, the Leadership house will be a fact. The heart of the house is already on paper.